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911 Enterprise Alert

Enterprise Alert™ is a Windows server based application that upon dialing 911 from a PBX station line translates the station ID into an associated Direct Inward Dial (DID) number that allows public safety answering point (PSAP) callbacks and directs emergency response personnel to the exact caller location. Each 911 call from the PBX passes through the Enterprise Alert™ system to the E911 Tandem for routing and local 911 PSAP call dispatching. The ANI update feature stores and translates the PBX number from the extension and the Calling Party Identification (CPID) to an assigned DID number. If no DID is assigned to a particular extension, then Enterprise Alert™ translates to the nearest DID location.  The notification package provides on-site personnel notification of 911 call along with caller location.  The IP Phone Tracking Gateway dynamically tracks the location of IP phones.
The Enterprise Alert™ database adheres to the NENA2 standard for public safety and updates the Local Exchange Carrier’s ALI database. Its software structure offers system flexibility on-site to adapt to virtually any network.



  • ANI Insertion to provide corrected Caller ID 
  • Automatic uploading of ALI data 
  • IP Phone location tracking
  • On-site notification of 911 calls
  • Passive Monitoring and call recording


  • Provides the NENA compliant 911 caller location to the PSAP
  • Enables on-site personnel to know of the 911 call and caller location
  • Enables on-site personnel to know the nature of the 911 call

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