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PathSolutions VoIP Monitor is a new paradigm in performance monitoring and optimization for IP networks. By using unique technologies that continuously monitor the state of the network, and identify the root causes of network performance issues, PathSolutions software allows customers to quickly resolve issues, maximizing productivity and efficiency. The PathSolutions Mitel CQM connector permits analyzing calls in the Mitel CDR database for quality issues and then correlating these calls with the conditions of network links and devices at the time of the call to produce a root-cause answer of why a call experienced unacceptable quality.  Additionally, the product provides complete call-path mapping, rapid assessment of WAN links, a unique single-ended call simulator and event alerts.


  • Monitors entire network
  • Installs in under 15 minutes
  • Can run on existing server or workstation
  • Call Quality Manager connector for Mitel
  • Finds root cause of issues and provides plain-language prescription


  • Total Network Visibility 
  • ROI begins day one, not weeks later.
  • No additional hardware investment required 
  • Pinpoint exact reasons for diminished call quality
  • Saves time and enables those with less experience to resolve network issues

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