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Teleopti CCC is a complete Workforce Management solution (WFM). The solution includes all the features for Forecasting, Scheduling, Intraday Management, Agent Empowerment and Reporting that is needed to efficiently manage the workforce in a contact center.
Advanced functionality, wrapped in an easy-to-use interface helps contact centers to make sure they have the right people, with the right skill, available at the right time. 
Great improvements can be made with a powerful WFM-solution, integrated to Mitel technology. According to an independent industry analyst Teleopti customers are 23% more efficient than the average contact center. 


  • Forecasting for all contact channels
  • Automatic, multi-skill scheduling and optimization
  • Employee self-service tools
  • Real-time adherence monitoring
  • Performance management with business intelligence, including management dashboards and agent scorecards


  • Save costs through optimized staffing
  • Provide consistent customer service
  • Empower agents
  • Automate processes
  • Improve utilization of advanced Mitel routing technology

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