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Designed specifically to meet the needs of contact centers with 10 to 150 agent positions, ULTRA Express™ captures customer interactions for improving agent quality, facilitating regulatory compliance, and managing risk. ULTRA Express measures how well agents, processes and products meet customer needs and impact customer satisfaction and loyalty with two applications. Quality Management provides monitoring, evaluation, coaching, and development tools for enhancing agent performance as well as the quality of customer interactions. Transaction Management helps contact centers achieve regulatory compliance, manage disputes and minimize loss. ULTRA Express captures every interaction in its entirety, through transfers and holds, and enables search and retrieval of historic interactions in seconds, reducing both the cost and time associated with dispute management.


  • Designed specifically to meet the needs of contact centers with 10 to 150 agent positions
  • Does not require proprietary hardware and uses standard IT, network, and server technologies
  • Quality Management automates the selection of captured customer interactions and distributes them to supervisors for immediate attention
  • ULTRA Express delivers a single, comprehensive solution for addressing the transaction and quality management needs of small- to mid-size contact centers, with the option of licensing these applications individually or together


  • Increasing supervisor productivity
  • Reduces call duration and increase first call resolution
  • Reduces staff attrition and absenteeism
  • Improve training efficiency and effectiveness
  • Increase the effectiveness of cross-sell and up-sell
  • Reduces the number of customer disputes and the time spent resolving them

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