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Visual Call Path

Visual Data Paths

Visual Call Path provides information about call flow that was not previously possible to visualize; it lays out the entities that were created in Mitel Director as a connected call flow drawing.  The product automatically produces Visio diagrams containing networked objects representing Mitel system elements with their features and relationships. It instantly diagrams Menus, Trunks, Hunt Groups, Route Points, Workgroups, Destinations and displays call flow attributes about each shape including: DNIS/DID, Auto Attendant message scripts, Workgroup & Hunt Group members, and Route Point forwarding. It plays the wav files associated with Auto Attendant Menus to enable comparisons with the scripts.


  • Automatic production of Visio diagrams containing connected objects representing Mitel system elements with their features and relationships as created within Mitel Director
  • Easy editing and relocating of shapes to visualize and compare different menu structures in copies of the diagram
  • Link to audio files where actual messages can be heard and compared to scripted messages onscreen
  • Ability to publish the drawing or selected potions of it to the web
  • DNIS / DID Mapping


  • Provides a new understanding of where calls enter an enterprise network and how they traverse the single image multi-site environment created in Director
  • Troubleshoots misdirected calls by diagramming all call paths to an End-User destination
  • Views how off hours, holiday and custom modes for Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, Route Points and Workgroups impact call flow
  • Eases change management with new or existing implementations; view before and after call flows as a connected network
  • Better facilitates discussions with non-technical operational managers using pictures instead of words

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