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Why Choose a Hybrid Phone System

The growing popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS) reflects the convenience and scalability of cloud-based applications like email, business process apps and storage. Cloud-based phone systems and contact centers, like MiCloud Connect, are also growing rapidly as businesses recognize the time and money saved when system maintenance is handled by the service provider, not by internal IT staff.

But what if you’ve already invested in existing premises-based equipment? Or if you have the IT team and need to maintain full onsite control?

With Mitel Connect HYBRID, you can finally have the best of both worlds: a hybrid unified communications and collaboration solution that delivers the resiliency, control and availability of an onsite “hardware-based” phone system with the immediacy, ease and flexibility of cloud communications applications delivered from the cloud.

Customers Love Us Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

“Mitel Connect HYBRID is flexible and configurable for the needs of our organization. Additional applications are available as needed. It’s a solution that can grow with us.”

Lisanne Norman Director of Technology, Cooke Center

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